7th Biennial New Perspectives in Flamenco History and Research Symposium

In conjunction with the 32nd Annual Festival Flamenco Alburquerque

The National Institute of Flamenco and the University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts

Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 21-22, 2019


This year’s conference theme is “In Time: The Past, Present, and Future of Temporality in Flamenco.” We seek to facilitate discourse surround “time” as it has related and currently relates to flamenco, focusing on the impact of history and historicity, the process of transmission, moments and impacts of historical moments of fissure, and understandings of time throughout the history, educational, and presentation of flamenco. From an ethnomusicology perspective, this could include discussions about flamenco time signatures, ideas about how time is practiced, and influences and development in use of time.

Held in conjunction with the 32nd Annual Festival Flamenco Alburquerque, the New Perspectives in Flamenco History and Research Symposium is a biennial event that is a comprehensive gathering of theorists, practitioners, artists, patrons, and members of the public, each providing a unique opportunity to discuss various aspects of the art form of flamenco, including its history in New Mexico and abroad. We invite faculty, staff and students of higher education, researchers, K-12 educators, community leaders, administrators, non-profit partners, government agencies, and other professionals to participate in the New Perspectives in Flamenco History and Research Symposium. This event is open to the public, providing academic and practical learning opportunities as well as access to the world's foremost flamenco scholars, historians, and artists. The purpose of this conference is to supplement traditional means of education with fresh ideas in the ever-evolving world of flamenco arts.


Dr. Norberto Torres

Dr. Norberto Torres

Considered an accomplished flamenco guitarist and one of the most revered flamenco guitar scholars in the world today, we are proud to welcome Dr. Norberto Torres to FFABQ32!

Torres was born in Saint-Fons, Lyon, France in 1960 to parents who emigrated from Andalucía. He holds a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Lyon II, a Diploma in Classical Guitar and Solfege from the Vénissieux Conservatory (Lyon), is Full Professor of French Philology at EEMM since 1987, is a Doctor in Human and Social Sciences from the University of Almería since 2009, with the thesis of 'The Popular to Flamenco: Musicological and Cultural Aspects of the Flamenco Guitar (Centuries XVI-XIX)'. The author of numerous books, Dr. Torres is a respected interpreter of the history and cultural influence of the flamenco guitar. 

Dr. Torres will present on concertist-composer Algeciras, focusing on his professional and recording career, and exploring his musical language so as to observe to what extent it has renewed the flamenco guitar tradition to project it into the current world of music.

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