• Rodey Theatre (map)
  • University of New Mexico
  • Albuquerque, NM



With all that baggage, I come to this show that is not a conclusion, but a starting point. I want to investigate, and investigate through a series of passages or sequences that represent different concerns in my life. I want to get to the stage with all the aplomb of the lived thing but with the absolute necessity to advance. I want to throw myself into the void in every second. I want to unlearn in order to grow. I want to improvise about what I know ... and I do not know what will happen. I want to think that, with our lights and our shadows, in addition to past we are present. Sequence is pure process. We are life itself.

TICKETS: $30, $40, $60, $75 - RODEY THEATRE



Alfonso Losa - Artistic Direction & Choreography
Florencio Campo - Special Collaboration (audiovisual)
Rocío Molina - Musical Composition
Yerai Cortés - Musical Composition
Yerai Cortés -  Guitara
La Tana - Cantaora Invitada
Ismael de la Rosa "El Bola"- Cante
Manuel Tañé - Cante
Manuel Masaedo - Percussion
Belén de la Quintana - Costume Design
Marino Zabaleta - Lighting Design
David Picazo - Sound
Víctor Tomé - Graphic Designer, Photo/Video
Beatrix Molnar - Production
Vanesa Coloma - Production