• Rodey Theatre (map)
  • University of New Mexico
  • Albuquerque, NM



Flamenco is an art of tradition, which in many families passes from parents to children as something natural, something that, as a child, seems like a game. As time passes, it becomes an indispensable and essential part of life.

Throughout history, there have been many traditional flamencos who are still responsible for defending and preserving their tradition in flamenco. One of those families is the de los Reyes family. The de los Reyes family is a gypsy family that defends their racial, traditional dance.

The assertion of this show is none other than simply that of Flamenco dance. This show does not focus its attention on telling a story, but rather on showcasing flamenco through three different generations. The essence of masters such as Farruco, Mario Maya, and Pepe Ríos has been transferred to the patriarch of the family, Juan de los Reyes,  and has retained its purity through his daughters Saray de los Reyes and Lole de los Reyes.

In this show, audiences will enjoy the art of these three generations, and see, how despite the passage of time, traditional flamenco has no expiration date; it is like wine, the older it is, the better.

This show allows the viewer a unique way of understanding dance through three different artists who share the same blood. From the youth of Lole, a symbol of flamenco of yesteryear, to the mastery of Juan, to Saray, who has bloomed from a young promise into a true flamenca.

-J.C. Vázquez

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