• Experimental Theatre (map)
  • University of New Mexico
  • Albuquerque, NM


This performance will take place in The Experimental Theatre (inside of Popejoy Hall).

*Not included in ticket packages.

In Petisa Loca, Sara Calero and Gema Caballero have taken a new step in their personal exploration of the language of Spanish dance and flamenco. Artists find essences, emotions, paths in a universal experience: that of women who leave a world of obligations imposed by their origin to work their own path of freedom. A whole emotional and cultural arc takes place on the scene that transports us from the rigors and violence of the traditional environment to the transformation experienced in the search for individual aspirations. For this, they feed on the meeting of peninsular music with the American ones, today artistic testimonies of how the root culture is infected by new worlds when the trip and the adventure propitiate their meeting.

Accompanied by both the electronic music of The Lab and the depth of the guitar of José Almarcha, in its journey the lyrics of poems and songs of that environment of origin, of the first loves, of the clash between the idealized and the real, will be rescued and the loneliness and rawness that many times the adventures at the end of the road bring us. The aesthetic story of a life experience that belongs to women of all times is staged, and speaks of growth, of hunger for the future, of drastic changes guided by desire, and also of undesired destinies.




Sara Calero - Baile
Gema Caballero - Cante
José Almarcha - Guitara
The Lab (José Corredera & Miguel Lázaro) - Electronic Music
Sara Calero - Artistic Direction
Gema Caballero - Musical Direction
Gloria Montesinos - Lighting Design
Kike Cabañas - Sound
Fernando Calero - Scenography
Carmen Granell - Costumes
Antonio García - Footware
 Pablo Leira - Distribution
José Manuel Navarro - Production Coordination
Elena Santonja Productions