• Rodey Theatre (map)
  • University of New Mexico
  • Albuquerque, NM



Everything starts with silence and ends with silence...

Make silence a space of control to feel safe and use silence as a language. To make the fragile glass of a bottle strong as the wood of the oak barrel where that wine was grown to mature and have its own aroma and flavor.

For a movement to have beauty it is necessary to breathe, to pause... for something to mature, calm and the passing of years are necessary.

Spaces in time full of complacent Silence, of mockery, of absence, compliance, necessity, choice, obligation ... Silences full of fragility, strength, or growth where they find their place in their own Soul.


They are millenarians and silent witnesses, always remaining firm and strong in the face of adversities and caprices of the earth and life. Always maintaining its beauty, majesty, freedom, strength and shelter for others. More and more branches in its trunk, until it becomes an old and silent Oak full of beauty, observing everything that happens around it over the years.

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Guadalupe Torres & José Maldonado - Baile
Francisco Vinuesa - Guitara
Ismael de la Rosa "El Bola" - Cante
Guadalupe Torres - Direction & Choreography
Francisco Vinuesa & Guadalupe Torres - Musical Direction
José Maldonado - Direction and Choreography Assistant
Pablo Martín Jones & Rafael Jiménez "El Falo" - Musical Collaboration
David Picazo - Lighting Design
Belén de la Quintana - Costume Design
Eva Pedraza- Costume Creation
Israel Muñoz - Stage Design
Marcosgpunto- Photography & Graphic Design
Elena Santonja - Production Manager
ES Management - Distribution